Message for all EGL Christchurch participants Posted by Posted by Jade Farrar on 4 December 2016 Posted on: 4 December 2016

Posted by Jade Farrar

Posted on: 4 December 2016

Not using your EGL personal budget? Not sure about where you are heading with your Good Life goals? Need to re-focus?

Help is at hand!
If you are an EGL participant and are not using your EGL personal budget, having some time with a navigator (now called Independent Facilitator) may be the support you need to re-focus on your Good Life goals. Sometimes people achieve their goals or change their mind about what is right for them. It can be valuable to have an Independent Facilitator to talk to at these times.

You can use your EGL budget to pay for Independent Facilitation. You have the choice and control over your budget and purchasing additional navigation/facilitation when you need it is OK. It is important to everyone within the EGL network that nobody misses out for want of great Independent Facilitation.

Here is information about the current Independent Facilitators:

Talk to your funding host and contact Joanna Martino (EGL Lead, Ministry of Health) on 03 974 2308 to discuss purchasing additional navigation/facilitation.


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