Meet the Waikato Team


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Front Row: Maria Johnson, Paul Lawrence, Andrew Carpenter & Kelly Woolston. 

Back Row: Anu Subash, Kate Cosgriff, Bella Martin, Linda Brown & Agnes Moke Marino.


Kelly Woolston is the Project Leader & Senior Connector/Tūhono. Paul Lawrence, Linda Brown, Bella Martin and Maria Johnson are Connector/Tūhono.  

Connectors/Tūhono are the people in the Enabling Good Lives team who work with participants. Connectors/Tūhono assist participants to think about where they’re at, make links and connections in the community, make their plan, understand their budget, and link with the information and support that they choose.  


Agnes Moke Marino is the first person you will talk to if you email or call at Enabling Good Lives Waikato. She is the Team Administrator.

Andrew Carpenter is the Business Manager and Anu Subhash is the Database and Financial Administrator.

Kate Cosgriff is the Team Director. 



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