Big Joe Green: Rap Star Posted by Posted by Imogen Loakman on 2 March 2016 Posted on: 2 March 2016

Posted by Imogen Loakman

Posted on: 2 March 2016

Big Joe Green is the stage name for budding Rap star Joe Ward, and incidentally it is tattooed on his arm just in case he or anyone else forgets.

Joe has been interested in Rap music since he was 11 years old.

Somehow the format just appealed as a way to express his feeling and thoughts about anything and everything. The lack of traditional constraints like verses, rhymes and tunes also makes it easier to say exactly what you want in whatever language suits:

“Sometimes I feel low and I rap about it and that brings me up again” 

Joe has had some notable successes. He has self-produced his first CD
(copies available on request) and is writing new songs for a second CD.

Big Joe Green

Joe produces a Rap show for Plains FM broadcast every second Saturday
night at 10.30 pm and he recently took part in the Riccarton High School
talent quest.

Check out his talent on YouTube:

“I do it for fun, I enjoy it, it puts a smile on my dial and I love to prove
that people in a wheelchair can do anything.” 

This year Joe will leave school and is looking at a future in areas like
security monitoring and call centre work. Performance opportunities are
a bit limited in Christchurch at the moment, so if you know of anyone
looking for some very cool entertainment let us know.

Story taken from Christchurch's Enabling Good Lives Newsletter | Summer 2015

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