Increased choice assists Christina to reach her goals Posted by Posted by Loren Savage on 17 September 2015 Posted on: 17 September 2015

Posted by Loren Savage

Posted on: 17 September 2015

Christine Crawford out in the community

Christina keeps busy in the community doing the things she loves.

My name is Christina Crawford. I’m 46 and live in Cambridge. I’m an advocate and an active member of People First Midlands.

I’ve been living in my own flat now for nearly 2 years. I used to go to Enrich+ 2 days a week to do art, crafts and other things. Jo Morrow, Enrich+ Empowerment Facilitator has supported me to become more independent in my community and join in activities where I can meet other people. I now don’t attend Enrich+ groups, but do things in my community in my own time and in my own way.

Since being involved with Enrich+, I have completed two literacy and numeracy courses which I have recently passed with the Open Wananga. Jo has supported me to find a volunteer through Volunteering Waikato who helps me with my Literacy. I see her every Friday afternoon, she is really nice. I’m looking forward to planning our graduation.

Jo also assisted me to find a placement as a volunteer at Bridges Church each Thursday morning which has met my hopes of meeting new people and developing friendships. I like that I’m always invited to special occasions at the church. I also had my photo in the paper with the ladies at the church.

I also have work experience at the Leamington Kindergarten where I have formed wonderful friendships with the teachers and the children. There is a little girl at the Kindergarten who also has William’s Syndrome. It has been said that the teachers feel very lucky to have an adult who volunteers and who knows about William’s Syndrome and can help the teachers understand.

I believe in God but I hadn’t found the right church for me. I was encouraged to try the Raleigh St Church which I’m loving and I attend every Sunday. I also attend a quilting evening on Tuesdays at my church. One of the ladies picks me up from home as I take my sewing machine with me. I’m currently being supported by the members of the church to make a new quilt.

I also love to go to the Leamington Rotunda to do art with Karen who is a community support person.

I enjoy craft and on Mondays I go to care and craft independently.

I swim for Special Olympics Waikato and enjoy the challenge. I go to competitions and I am doing very well.

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