Enabling Good Lives Context

The Ministry of Health has developed a New Model for Supporting Disabled People to increase disabled people’s choice and control over the supports they receive and the ability to live the lives they want. Unlike Enabling Good Lives, it only involves the Ministry of Health’s parts of the disability support system.

Elements of this new model (such as Local Area Coordination and Enhanced Individualised Funding) are currently being demonstrated in the Bay of Plenty and, as part of Choice in Community Living (providing an alternative to residential care for people with significant support needs), in Auckland and Waikato.

The New Model is likely to be of considerable value to the demonstration of Enabling Good Lives. It includes an expanded individualised funding scheme that covers most of the funds the Ministry of Health allocates and is working to build closer connections between disabled people, their families/whānau and the wider community.

Enabling Good Lives will further enhance the role of disabled people in decision-making and will draw in a range of agencies. Over time, it is envisaged that the New Model will become part of the broader, cross-government Enabling Good Lives initiative.

Find out more about the new model. (Link to MoH info).

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