Control equals confidence Posted by Posted by Loren Savage on 26 September 2016 Posted on: 26 September 2016

Posted by Loren Savage

Posted on: 26 September 2016

Kim having fun In my role of communications advisor, I love hearing the various updates from the Connectors about how the participants are progressing with Enabling Good Lives. It is even better when I get to meet with them directly, so I was very excited when Kim and her mum Jenny invited me over to meet them and hear Kim’s story.

Kim is 21 years old and enjoying her Enabling Good Lives journey. Before Kim was connected with Enabling Good Lives, she felt as though she needed more support during the day to do her own thing.

Through Enabling Good Lives Kim has chosen to employ Pete, her own support worker. Spending three days a week with together, Kim is doing a range of activities from fitness, baking to literacy classes.

The flexibility that comes with having her budget through Enabling Good Lives Kim has enjoyed having more control over her life and grown in confidence. At her 21st earlier this year she gave her first speech to everyone at her party.

Her Connector/Tuhono has worked alongside the entire family to get behind Kim and encourage her to step outside her comfort zone and expand her networks. Everyone has noticed how the confidence in Kim has grown.

Kim has set herself three big goals:

-          Getting her 18+ card,

-          Getting her driver’s licence,

-          Working with children under the age of 10.

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