National Leadership Group

Advice and insights from the National Enabling Good Lives Leadership Group

The purpose of NEGL is to provide high-level strategic advice to assist community and government initiatives to align with the EGL approach.  At this time of change, NEGL are the community guardians (kaitiaki) of the Enabling Good Lives (EGL) approach, vision and principles. NEGL is therefore responsible to promote the EGL approach across government and throughout the disability community. NEGL is a leadership group rather than a representative or governance forum.

Three factors distinguish the NEGL from other groups.  They are:

  • a focus on change to the  disability support systems across all agencies, rather than a single agency’s part of that system;
  • a focus on Enabling Good Lives as an approach to improvement, rather than being about an individual initiative; and
  • working with government agencies and other major stakeholders to progress change of the system.

In keeping with Article 4.3 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, NEGL seeks to provide advice and support during the design and implementation phases of initiatives rather than after decisions have been made.

NEGL believes in the importance of disabled people and whānau having Mana, Self determination and the right to have a voice (independent voice). NEGL’s membership is diverse and comprised of people recognised as knowledgeable champions of the EGL approach.

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