Stories from young people! Posted by Posted by Hannah Perry on 14 July 2020 Posted on: 14 July 2020

Posted by Hannah Perry

Posted on: 14 July 2020

When EGL Christchurch participants were asked "how are you living your good life" we were overwhelmed with stories, photos and videos! here are a few examples - 

-        Olivia gains confidence and strength at the gym; she was unsure about the machines at first but her gym buddy Anita won her trust and was able to scaffold the activities.

-         Nevie has a busy and full life, with animals, kayaking, travel, camping, cooking and using the ride-on mower!

-        Jesse is supported to live a good life like any other young man in his 20s; flatting, playing foosball and biking.

-        Claudia loves the gondola, the spa, being on stage, music classes, train trips and exploring Christchurch on the tram.

-        Oskar catches up with his old mate Kerry (AKA Captain Long John Knickers) at the local market on Saturdays.

-        Janelle loves art work and dancing and is now too busy to attend a day service!

-        Lilian is gearing up for another busy year at university .

-        Jacob hangs out with people his own age to go mountain biking, to flip out and swimming.

-        Callum has started a calendar business combining his love of dates and photography!


stand by for more stories and inspiration - or better yet, join our EGL Christchurch young people and families Facebook group and post your own! 


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