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Posted on: 26 June 2014

It’s an exciting time for the Christchurch demonstration as we move into Phase Two on 1 July.

This phase will not only see a wider group of disabled people join EGL, but will also be focused on making the system work better for all people and agencies.

The Enabling Good Lives Christchurch team is planning several components for Phase Two, aimed at system transformation. These include:

  •     People-focused components

        The future role and function of navigators
        How people access EGL
        The purpose of a personal plan


  •     Funding-focused components

        How funds are identified, pooled and allocated
        Considering the best way for people to receive and account for personalised budgets
        Ensuring the financial sustainability of EGL


  •     Community/supports-focused

        Community development
        Provider development o School development


  •     Overarching elements

        Overall accountability
        System transformation

As Phase Two puts these components into action, we can start to consider how a new system could work in accordance with EGL principles. This system will build from known best practice, incorporating the learning from the New Model work done by the Ministry of Health’s Disability Support Services. It will be co-designed with the sector and led by disabled people and families.

We will continue to keep you updated as this exciting phase progresses. More information on the people who can join Phase Two is detailed below.

EGL is also spreading to the Waikato where funding has been allocated to start a second demonstration. We look forward to meeting colleagues from the Waikato Leadership Group at the end of June to share our learning and consider how we can best work together. Finally, I would like to acknowledge the time EGL participants and family members are taking to share their positive experiences with other groups. Two people recently shared their experiences in the Waikato and another participant and his mother went to Wellington to share their story with officials, whose behind-the-scenes work is crucial to ensuring the cross-ministry systems, policies and processes are supporting the EGL approach.

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