Planning a micro-business around my daughter's interests Posted by Posted by Jade Farrar on 4 November 2014 Posted on: 4 November 2014

Posted by Jade Farrar

Posted on: 4 November 2014

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Video Planning a micro-business around my daughter's interests

Sandra is planning for her daughter's future life. Because Prue has little communication and needs support around the clock, her parents planned for a house where she can move into in the future, when she is ready.

Then they went on building a micro-business around Prue's interests and skills. Observing that Prue really liked the routine of washing, hanging and folding, Sandra is building a small operation for Prue to wash tea towels for a few businesses in her area. This is made possible with the help of support workers who can assist her and help with what she cannot do.

Sandra is also interested in the social part of this business - in the future Prue will take on more interactions with customers and this will be an meaningful part of her life as well as a contribution she can make to her community. Sandra also reflects on the specific challenges of rural life for farming families.

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