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Posted by Loren Savage

Posted on: 31 July 2018


The highlight of the month was Lorna Sullivan and Marshall Te Tau starting, joining us as the two directors for the new teams in MidCentral.

Lorna Sullivan will be known to lots of people. She’s going to be the Director of the Disabled People and Whānau supporting team. Lorna has played a significant leadership role in the disability sector and was the chair of the working group that put together the original Enabling Good Lives vision and principles. She’s spent the last five years leading change within United Care Queensland as they transitioned to the National Disability Insurance Scheme and has been involved with a range of disabled people and family-led organisations and providers in New Zealand during her career.

Marshall will be the Director of the System Enabling team. Marshall has been involved in the disability sector for many years having held a number of roles with providers, most recently with Health Vision. He’s also been a member of the Regional Leadership Group in MidCentral and has been leading many of the conversations about getting ready for the changes in MidCentral. He is passionate about supporting disabled people and whānau and will be a real asset to us in transforming the disability support system in MidCentral.

The System Transformation team has been busy with lots of other things too. We have been doing a lot of interviews for the other roles and getting the right people for the two teams is really critical to the success of the prototype so that we have a system that gives disabled people and families more flexible support options and greater decision making over their support and their lives.

Applications for all of the roles closed in the first week of July. We have now shortlisted and interviewed for all roles and we are in the process of making offers and finalising those. We are expecting to get everybody on board by the end of August.

We have also started the process for establishing the Regional Governance Group. Six people from the Regional Leadership Group have been recommended to Ministers and also a workforce representative from MidCentral.  We are now going through the process to seek an additional two independent members for the group to ensure that we have the right mix of skills on the Governance Group.

We are continuing to develop business processes and we expect to be testing these with disabled people and whānau in MidCentral over the next couple of weeks.

Work is underway on developing a new website for the prototype and we are continuing to work on Cabinet papers. So, work is continuing on developing three Cabinet papers - one is to seek agreement to the funding allocation processes, one fixing some regulatory issues about tax and eligibility to other government assistance and the final paper is about what funding from other government agencies will transfer into the disability support system.

So lots and lots of work underway, lots more still to do so that we are on track to start the new system on the first of October. 

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By Loren Savage (6 years ago)
Kia ora June, Thank you for your comment. Members of the MidCentral Regional Leadership group, people with experience as connectors, the Director, and System Transformation staff were on the interview panels for the Connector role. The transformed system will work collaboratively with disabled people and their whānau to give disabled people more choice and decision making authority over their support.

By June Rameka (6 years ago)
Who is interviewing Parents around connector roles.? Also where do Parents play a role in this new scheme for Enabling Lives?

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