Esther Woodbury

Esther Woodbury works in the national office of the Disabled Persons Assembly NZ and has worked in the disability sector for the last 10 years.

Without originally meaning to, Esther has studied, researched and worked in the area of disability for the last 10 years.

Also without meaning to, she has had impairment/chronic illness since she was five years old. Esther strongly believes in the Enabling Good Lives principles - and hopes for the continual raising of expectations and living standards of all disabled people.

Esther's academic research was on how mobility enables social participation for disabled people, focusing on how driving (as an example) affects disabled people's ability to work, study, be a contributing member of their family and community, participate in leisure, access healthcare and services.

Having lived in Wellington her whole life, Esther likes live music, food, art and that sort of thing - but spends much more of her time taking silly photos of her dog. 

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