Gerri Pomeroy

Gerri Pomeroy is a wheelchair user, identifies as a disabled person, and wants to improve the quality of life for disabled people, families and whānau.

Gerri is committed to working with her community to create their vision of disabled people being valued and participating members of society, in Aotearoa, New Zealand, a reality.

She is a member of Disabled Person’s Assembly, the Waikato Branch President and a member of the National Executive Committee, and will take up the role of national president at the AGM in November.

Gerri has been involved with the Waikato Enabling Good Lives (EGL) demonstration as a member of the Leadership Group since August 2013 and is also a member of the National EGL group.

She is loving spending time with her five grandchildren because they're such interesting people!  Gerri is also a great fan of good coffee and company.  She enjoys getting to know people beyond a superficial level as they have such a rich diversity of experience.

Gerri says it is a privilege to have been selected to contribute to the system transformation work. She is very conscious of the responsibility that this involvement carries with it. Improving the quality of life for disabled people, families and whānau is the goal for her involvement in this work.

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