Lawrence Chok

Lawrence Chok is the parent of a middle-aged man. While looking to create an ordinary life for his son, he and his wife decided not to go alone.

They sought other families keen to journey with them.

In early 2008, they called a meeting at 8am on a Saturday.  Lawrence’s instinct told him if families were really serious, they would get up early in their quest for a good life for their young adult sons or daughters. True enough they came although some later dropped out.

Lawrence and his wife then travelled to Canada to look at micro businesses, circles of support and family collectives. On their return, they began weekly meetings to explore ideas with others.  Over the past nine years, four families remained in the group to support one another, sharing the common goal of creating fulfilled lives for their loved ones.

The group has learnt from many successful projects and experiences from different countries.

All of their children are now living independently and have their own friends.  All of them have some form of roles and are engaging with their community. Over the years, some of the children have changed their dreams and are pursuing new ones.

The group has also put in place a 50-year plan to position their children to live meaningfully with continued support from service, siblings, neighbours, friends and community.

As a result of the experience, Lawrence is now sharing his journey and coaching other groups of families across the country.   He became involved with the co-design group to share his experience and to contribute whatever he can to the table.

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